Class A Metaphors

Post the good and the bad here under the comments.ย  Remember that you don’t have to label which is which. Post them by midnight on Sunday.

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64 Responses to Class A Metaphors

  1. As nervous as a bride on her wedding day, the unhappy student posted her metaphor and prayed that no one would notice.
    The pounding of his heart was loud in his ears like an obese jackhammer operator’s best work after he’s had seventy Red Bull.
    His unrequited love was the last ember of a firework that burns suddenly bright only to fade and fall unnoticed.
    The mountain changed its clothes, slipping into the bright green livery of spring.

  2. Hail Chang says:

    Her words like the thorns on a rose pierced my heart.
    My friend’s face was like a sad clown, always crying and frowning.
    The zombies’ heads in the game Left for Dead 2 blew up like a water-balloon.
    My Mom’s eyes, like Mr. Dranginis’s when he smiles devilishly as he gives back our graded essays, turned my beating heart into stone, as if she were Medusa

  3. Ginha Kim says:

    The desk was a senile man-parts of it was broken off and cracked,its legs were weak and shaking; however, it stood fairly and straight, as if it wasn’t old but wise.

    The hamburger was a bomb in my mouth-it was hot,but had coldness within it, it was thrilling, it was fast and immediate, it was sensational with a mixture of colors-and it killed many things, including my health.

    The monkey was a little boy, it was dirty, naughty and dumb.

    Forgetting her was like letting out ripened pooh, it took a long time and pain and it smelled like hell.

    • Suzie Nam says:

      I like your second one! I think it is really creative. I could just feel the bomb-like flavor of the hamburger you described ๐Ÿ˜€ How did you come up with the idea of “bomb”? Good!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Dahyun Kim says:

    1. The sun was as yellow as the egg yolk dribbling across an ugly baby’s face.
    2. Blue orbs protruded from her face, soaking in the environment around her like a sponge.
    3. He felt lost when he broke up with his girlfriend, the kind of lost you feel when you have no idea of where you are.
    4. Her hair was the colour of hay that farmers give to their cows before they slaughter them and make them into little hunks of meat.
    5. Life is one of those endless journeys that sometimes feels as if it gets you nowhere and everywhere at the same time.

    • Ginha Kim says:

      I love your metaphors Dahyun!!! First of all, even the bad ones are bad in other ways then being clique, and overall all of your metaphors are very creative and new. I also love the fact that the metaphors are very decriptive as well!!! Good, no, wonderful job ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Daphne Park says:

      I particularly like the fifth metaphor (or simile, to be precise). It has resonance, but captures the wandering quality of life pretty well.

      The fourth one was just naughty, Dahyun. lol

    • Hail Chang says:

      i really like #4 & #5
      it feels so realistic….i can seriously imagine all those things

  5. Jacklyn says:

    You and her argument seems as pointless as Team Edward and Team Jacob fighting over who’s hotter.
    Writing bad metaphors is as laborious and onerous as Rapunzel washing her hair.
    Love is like a bubble. Its transparency and rainbow colors fascinates you; it pops away as you try to catch it.
    He was enchanted by her like a child who first visited an aquarium.

    • I really like your metaphors Jacklyn!! Especially these two…
      -“You and her argument seems as pointless as Team Edward and Team Jacob fighting over whoโ€™s hotter.”–This was really funny:) I can see that the argument is actually really useless.
      -“Writing bad metaphors is as laborious and onerous as Rapunzel washing her hair.”– I loved this one. I can visualize Rapunzel washing her extremely long hair and it is surely a ‘laborious’ work:)

    • Daphne Park says:

      I like the second one. It gave me a good, hearty laugh. Rapunzel washing her hair! lol

    • I LOVE THE 3RD ONE…’s so romantic…..;)

  6. Dong Won Lee says:

    What you rely on is a spider’s web.
    His days are swifter than a runner.
    Life is as same as running a marathon.
    You’re a person whose mind is the deep blue sky.

  7. Sara Kim says:

    The dog licked her ear and it felt like a slimy slug squirming inside.

    She felt her head warm up and burst like oil drops jumping out of the pot as a shrimp covered with flour, egg, and bread crumbs dives into the boiling oil.

    As the ballerina held her final pose, the red velvet curtains hid her like the flower petals hiding its honey from the butterfly.

    Her hair glistened in the rain like the moonlight shone on the lake.

  8. Suzie Nam says:

    I hate her because she smells like a rotten hamburger soaked in Coke.
    Life is monologue on the dark sea; it is terribly lonesome and no one seems to hear you, but there is an audience behind the darkness who will hear and see your great lines
    Her eyes were full of joy as those of the frog who has just eaten a big fly with his long sticky tongue.
    I hopped on a swing and tossed my body into the sky as if the young bird flaps its little wings for the first time in its life.

    • i really like your second one, Suzie Jimin Nam. wow I was touched by yours. I was depressed when you said life is terribly lonesome, but after that, you said there is an audience behind the darkness. It is very poetic and I do like this one. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Daphne Park says:

    1.The fly slowly crept across the wall from here to there and back to here like a patient with ADHD.
    2.The cake was splattered on the floor, cream smeared in all directions–a blotch of white paint accidentally spilled on a canvas.
    3.The swift current crashed against the riverbank, lurching down the plane as though someone were lashing out a whip in fury.
    4.The dining table was more of a science exhibition than a simple meal; it proudly presented a dish of a mashed potato village engulfed by a flood of gravy, a bowl of chili on fire, and a plate of wobbly peach pudding ready to erupt.

    • Dong Won Lee says:

      I like the fourth one talking about the dining table because I’m wondering how you could describe the dishes this much interestingly!!

    • Dahyun Kim says:

      I like yours. The third one and the fourth one really gives me a sense of what the thing you’re describing is really like, it gives a pretty clear picture on both of them. I love the second one because it’s just so… bad. Really, white paint spilled on a canvas?

    • The first one does make me depict the scene because I have seen people with that disorder! and I liked the way you described the cake in the second one, because it gave the cake some sense of aesthetic value.

  10. Ju Hyun Song says:

    The child tenaciously nagged for the toy throughout the whole week, like the weeds on my yard that always grow back again.
    Love is a rose that gives both pain and pleasure.
    The injured dog staggered home like a man who drank ten bottles of soju.
    I was embarrassed like a baby’s hands.

    • Soeun Ahn says:

      I like the third one with the dog staggering home like a drunken man. It really gives me the picture. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Jennifer Han says:

      I really like your first and third metaphor. ๐Ÿ™‚
      For the first one, I love how you compared the nagging baby to weeds. It effectively shows how much the baby nagged. The third one I liked how you compared a dog to a man.

    • I like your 3rd metaphor!
      I can imagine this little doggy swaying sideways under a lamppost!

  11. The students ran as fast as the sunlight shining above the earth.
    He seemed more anxious than a prisoner who is about to be electrocuted in a minute.
    Those turtles are slower than the hands of the students who are plucking their report card from their bags to hand it in to their parents.
    Life is an adventure in the amazon.

  12. Dong Hun Kim says:

    1. The tank’s turret exploded, becoming an ejection seat straight to heaven.
    2. I slept like the boy who sits next to me who wakes up every time I wake up thus causing both of us to be frustrated as it seemed like only one of us could listen to what the teacher was saying at the same time.
    3. That student is so cold and cynical that everyone nearby freezes or shudders.
    4. The teacher whose foot I stepped on had a face that looked like hot lava.

  13. ํ•œ์Šนํšจ says:

    Her life was meaningless and bland; it was a bag of stale chips laid out in front of the couch for three weeks.
    The twin boys fought over the last piece of cookie, drooling, as if it were the hottest date to prom.
    The cheerleader did a back flip in the air and landed gracefully like the trained dolphins of Sea World.
    The blade shined in the sun

    • ํ•œ์Šนํšจ says:

      Mr.Dranginis Im sorry but I accidentally posted the wrong one ;( please ignore this one.

  14. Soeun Ahn says:

    Her hair was a burning red, like a plate of meatball spaghetti with too much tomato sauce.
    The house stood tall and gloomy over the hill under the ominous sky, just like a deserted house during the Black Death in the 14th century.
    She rolled her tongue into the shape of a flower, the kind you see on fruitcakes smudged all over with syrup.
    Your eyes are two pieces of emerald.

  15. My eyes are sparkling like a sunshine during summer.
    I can speak many different languages like Tom Cruise does in Mission Impossible series.
    Your essay paper is as thick as Jack Sparrow’s hair.
    My iPod is as old as Josun dynasty.

  16. Jennifer Han says:

    Her life was meaningless and bland; it was a bag of stale chips laid out on the table for three weeks.
    The twin fought over the last cookie, drooling, as if it were the hottest date to prom.
    A cheerleader did a back flip in the air and landed gracefully into the arms of another cheerleder like a trained dolphin from Sea World.
    His eyesight became fuzzy like when someone drinks hot chocolate after skiing with glasses.

    • Ju Hyun Song says:

      I liked how you described a bland life to a bag of old stale chips! I really get the image and the lameness the old chips possess!!

    • dorothykim says:

      I also liked your first one.. This girl’s particular emotion toward her life is really summed up in “a bag of stale chips.” The expression caught my attention with its originality.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. 1. The red rose-like blossom gently touched my lips and the pleasant scent of the bloom turned me into a butterfly. As I chased down the memory of the odor, she faded away. Left alone, all by myself in the darkness, I saw a beetle squirming in the bull dung. I was the beetle.
    2. The black dog sniffed, growled, and barked, awaiting for the darkness. The little lamb crouched under the big-rocky-statue, trembling. The statue was strong and well built, but couldnโ€™t stop the dog from barging in. As the golden sun arose, the old man was found stiff like a twig in his brick house, next to a coffin. The dog had taken away the lamb. The dog was the Grim Reaper.
    (I donโ€™t know if Iโ€™ve done the right thing, so Iโ€™m doing four more anyways.)
    1. I knew my sister was a pig, so I didnโ€™t say much when she ate all of my pizza.
    2. My girlfriend, she is my angel, my nymph.
    3. When I failed my final exam, I felt like โ€˜theโ€™ little hippopotamus.
    4. The runner was like a cheetah when he put on a spurt.

  18. Hansel Park says:

    1. The steak tastes like a soft tender skin of a baby.
    2. The crowd swayed both of their arms like a moving windshield wiper.
    3. The strong hot flavor of the food made my tongue sore as if hundreds of bee have stung it.
    4. As I sat down on the toilet, a herd of angry bulls sprinted and drowned themselves into the crystal blue lake.

    • jeonhyeyoon says:

      I especially like your third metaphor. It really gave me the feeling by comparing the taste to being stung by hundreds of bees. You conveyed emotion well through the simple metaphor!

    • K-h Sol Shin says:

      I like your third metaphor. It kinda reminds me of the food I ate in Beijing. The expression “as if hundreds of bee have stung it” reminds me of my numb tongue after eating a very spicy dish.

    • Joe says:

      The first one, it is suppose to mean thatnthe meat tastes good, and it seems to mean that, but being compares to the skin of a baby, it makes me not want to eat it.
      The second one is very clear and brings me a very clear image.
      The third one, I can just feel the pain.

  19. people look at me as if they are looking at a 74.4 inch giant.

    playing basketball is bouncing the ball and shooting it like you would do with a baby’s head

    group project is communism.

    life is like a box of chocolates… once you eat them all you’re screwed

    • I like the last one! It is so well written and I can’t understand it, which is great!! It doesn’t make sense!!! Lol

    • Suzie Nam says:

      I really like the last one ๐Ÿ™‚ Your last metaphor has both humor and little bit of sarcasm. Also it still looks good with simple, childish words. I feel like I am listening to cute seven year old boy! When I read that one, I could just understand what you were trying to say right away. Good!!

  20. jeonhyeyoon says:

    1. The student became so frightened that his face grew as pale as unused toilet papers.
    2. Shopping for my motherโ€™s clothes from piles of clothes was like choosing an appropriate Smart Phone Application from thousands of available Apps.
    3. The brown teddy bear that my friend gave me is as lovely as a three-hundred-page Math Textbook.
    4. The boy is as stupid as a statue that cannot understand anything; his teacher doubts that he can learn.

  21. 1) My mouth was dry as if I had sun-tanned my tongue in California beach for 10 hours in July.
    2) It was dangerous as a sharp, pointy knife under a baby’s foot.
    3) Being with him was like a dropped icecream that I had just bought.
    4) She was annoying like the slippers that keep getting stuck between the bathroom door whenever I try the close it.

  22. 1.I disagree with the people who say that love is as sweat as sugar; love is as sweat as candy.
    2.Without you, honey, the statue of liberty is right beside me.
    3.Welcome the pain from the world; it will be yours forever.
    4.Tom walked like a penguin on a fire.

    • Dong Hun Kim says:

      I like the first one most because
      1. I can’t tell if he had a type-o or he intended it, but saying love is sweat(perspiration) kinda makes me laugh my head off.
      2. Sugar is sweeter than candy. Candy just has fruity flavors added.
      The second one I can’t understand, the third one I don’t want it, but the fourth one:any animal would have the same response, so I can understand it pretty well (plus watching a penguin dance would be kinda cute/funny. I fully respect animal rights)

  23. K-h Sol Shin says:

    The memory was a coffee stain of the mind.
    The sky was as blue as a sky-blue crayon.
    The new app was as useless as hair wax for cars.
    Students five seconds before lunchtime are an army of Usain Bolt at the starting line of a 100-meter race.
    The boy getting better was a miracle, the miracle that happens to a watch-wearing blind man as the subway arrives at the terminal station.
    The soldier had taken shooting lessons from a shooting game.

  24. Ye-seul Lee says:

    G : Because of a stupid character in a novel, my face turned red like nose of Rudolph Reindeer.
    / Wearing a coat, I feel that my body get warmer like my mom held me in her arms.

    B: Coming back home from the school, I fall asleep like zombie getting shot by a gun.
    / Whenever i bump into him, I am always nervous like sinner who lies on a guillotine and waits for his execution.

  25. Grace Hwang says:

    1. I was as sleepy as the Sleeping Beauty.
    2. Her mouth opened like an empty garbage can,
    3. The current of words swept me.
    4. I begged the clock hands to halt.

  26. dorothykim says:

    1. Two paintbrushes dropped red and blue into the transparent glass of water, and the diffusion resembled a dance of crimson and indigo scarfs tangling and waltzing around with a wind high up in the pool of sky.

    2. On her palm lay a dead mosquito with its scarlet blood like a cherry syrup dripping from the edge of a spoon.

    3. The streetlight showered lonely yellow on the pedestrian, looking as fatigue as a student coming home from hakwon.

    4. When I accidentally dipped my hand in a pot of boiling water, the pain was as brutal as stapling my own hands.

    • Sara Kim says:

      I really like your first one!! I could feel the graceful movements of the paint drops dancing in the water. Oh, I’m not commenting on this just because this post is the last one. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Dahyun Kim says:

      I love your first one. It’s just so descriptive and beautiful and makes it so easy to picture the paintbrushes in the water.

    • Daphne Park says:

      Your first metaphor is absolutely beautiful, Dorothy. It really triggers my sense to work. ๐Ÿ˜€

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