Class B Metaphors

Post the good and the bad here under the comments.  Remember that you don’t have to label which is which. Post them by midnight on Sunday.

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75 Responses to Class B Metaphors

  1. As nervous as a bride on her wedding day, the unhappy student posted her metaphor and prayed that no one would notice.
    The pounding of his heart was loud in his ears like an obese jackhammer operator’s best work after he’s had seventy Red Bulls.
    His unrequited love was the last ember of a firework that burns suddenly bright only to fade and fall unnoticed.
    The mountain changed its clothes, slipping into the bright green livery of spring.

  2. Moses Kim - Class B says:

    She was an earthquake of a child, silently battering anybody unfortunate enough to cross her.
    I threw a beaming smile her way but stumbled and went down, flapping my arms like Tyra Banks stuck in mud.
    He cried in disbelief, rocking back and forth like a rocking horse that could cry.
    Whn I think about you, I become a person.

    • Moses Kim - Class B says:

      Oops, I missed one.
      The music stirred something up in me, something that felt like finding a grape popsicle in a dark, unexplored corner of the freezer at three in the morning.
      Her smile was a huge slice of melon that my brother choked on and had to go to the ER to get out.

  3. Kim Gwangjin says:

    Jim is a star that always light up our class through his apearence.

    If you lose your agony in your life, you will be a poor man who is beaten by opponent in the boxing match. Therefore the life is sparring.

    she attracted a nice man, who named Jim, like a venus flytrap

    Jim! your face is as black as coal

  4. Jeffrey (Class B) says:


    1. He felt like a movie projector that had run out of reels of film, spinning silently in the dark.

    2. The steamed bean sprouts sagged limp, like a used condom floating in the toilet the morning after.

    3. He felt fizzy chills all over his spine, the kind you get when you look into your viewfinder and see a falcon nose-diving straight at you.

    4. RT @glpians: “i hate this assignment” @mrdranginis was like @CollegeAdmissions i hate your school #get_a_life.

    5. The teacher’s jaw was a guillotine blade, waiting silently, like a cold whisper, until but only until it was necessary.

    6. Minho’s phone started vibrating like a penguin having an epileptic fit.

    2 of these are the “bad” metaphors… enjoy!

  5. Pearl Lee says:

    1. I saw him surrounded by everyone like the chocolate stuffed in a fluffy marshmallow.
    2. The audience clapped as if they were the seals in circus.
    3. The student thought of the ways to escape from study hall like a computer calcuating mathematical equations.
    4. The tears falling down from the girl looked like Niagara Falls.

  6. Having to wake up early in the morning was as irritating as Edmodo emails from Mr. Cho.

    Her eyes were transparent like a puddle of mud.

    Hip hop is a knife thrown towards the society.

    Andrew and John always fought like a two boxers on the ring

    • Jina Woo says:

      The first one… very….bold of you..:)

      • Brittany Moon says:

        the third one is surprisingly good considering that it came from crhis 😛 didn’t know you had such deep thoughts about hip hop

  7. Jina Woo says:

    1. Her beautiful curls glistened and sprang as beautifully as chest hair fresh out of a steamy shower.
    2. My love for you is like the love of a female cockroach desperately throwing egg sacs before its death.
    3. He froze on the spot, eyes glistening with the paralyzed terror of a rabbit caught in the blazing headlights of a truck.
    4. She glided upon the ice as gracefully as a trumpeter swan alighting upon the glassy surface of a lake.

    • Michelle Cha says:

      The second one made me laugh out loud. I like how I can actually imagine a nerdy biologist saying it when he proposes to the love of his life.

      • Jessica Ryu says:

        I totally agree with Michelle! when I first looked at it I burst into laughter! I think the second one is the ‘best worst’ metaphor hahaha

  8. Jina Woo says:

    1. Her beautiful curls glistened and sprang as beautifully as chest hair fresh out of a steamy shower.
    2. My love for you is like the love of a female cockroach desperately throwing egg sacs before its death.
    3. He froze on the spot, eyes glistening with the paralyzed terror of a rabbit caught in the blazing headlights of a truck.
    4. She glided upon the ice as gracefully as a trumpeter swan alighting upon the glassy surface of a lake.

  9. I am posting some more because my metaphors above literally suck

    When I was young, I played hide-and-seek with my friends; I use to walk around like a serial killer looking for my friends.

    Sitting in Comp 2 class for 2 hours a day was as tedious as listening to Mr. Dranginis’s lecture. LOL. I’m kidding, sir.

    • jun5hero says:

      I like the hide and seek one because I had the same experience and the image came up in my mind easily~I was a killer^^

  10. Andrew Kim says:

    The blue river reflecting the sunset light is like hundreds of golden bricks.
    My girfried is like God. I can’t see her.
    Parents love is like a sock you’ve lost. You can’t see it when you need it, but oneday it just pops out.
    A man shook his body like when he shivers his body after peeing.

  11. Michelle Cha says:

    The soft scent that I could smell every time she flipped her glossy brown hair made me feel like a mother appreciating the sweet aroma of her baby’s used-diapers.

    Saying that I’m a great writer would be like Justin Bieber claiming to be the Kurt Cobain of this generation.

    • Moses Kim - Class B says:

      While many would disagree, I think the juxtaposition between Bieber and Cobain creates a great mental image that drives home your point very well. Nice metaphor!

    • Mina Kim says:

      I like the second one! It’s quite humorous and still very true:p

  12. Michelle Cha says:

    Oops! I have to post two more 🙂

    Whenever she walked by, my heart would beat as fast as my fingers swiftly enjoying ‘Call of Duty.’

    The newly decorated room was a disgusting shade of pink and brown. It was as if someone had thrown up over the whole room after eating burnt bananas and a gallon of Pepto bismol.

  13. Minho Kim says:

    My grandfather coughed like Adam when the apple was stuck at is throat.

    The vegetable juice that Minho drinks every single morning was like the gracious banquet memu of vampires; the scarlet lumps were floating on the surface of the cup.

    During the dinner, Hail gobbled up his soup like Windows Trashcan empties its data completely from the hard drive.

    Her coy tears gathered under her eyes like the morning dew of July, waiting for someone to help wipe it off.

  14. Minho Kim says:

    *to help her wiping it off

  15. jun5hero says:

    1. ‘Caca for hispanics is not cookies the Korean kids think.
    2. Her eyes are as big as a humans eye.
    3. Annoying orange is just an orange which is annoying.
    4. Getting an A in Daewon is like going to the top of mount Everest.

  16. Abby Kim says:

    The classroom vibrated with laughter, the kind you would get from a group of sleep-deprived Korean teenagers who had overdosed on Red Bull and coffee.

    He was a retard. Not the kind of retard you’re not supposed to laugh at, but the kind of retard that comes to Titanic 3D at the theater with his best mates and snickers through the steamy parts and leaves before My Heart Will Go On ends.

    Her French braid was dark and lustrous, like two eels intertwined, thrashing about during mating season.

    The resolution presented at the United Nations conference was as useless as a prostitute’s college degree.

    • Saemi Han says:

      I like the second and the third one. The second one I can totally relate since it happens every single time I go watch a romance movie.

      The third one is … vivid and creative! I wouldn’t have imagined describing braids as two eels intertwined.

    • Mina Kim says:

      The third one… so vivid and creative!! It makes me sick imagining it…..

  17. jun5hero says:

    1. Her eyes are as big as a human’s eye.
    2. ‘Caca’ for hispanics is not cookies the Korean kids think.
    3. Annoying orange is just an orange which is annoying.
    4. Getting an A in Daewon is like climbing mount. Everest.

  18. Jessica Ryu says:

    1. Her beautiful black eyes sparkled like a diamond, exquisitely refined by an expert.
    2. A sparrow flew like a pigeon flew.
    3. Your conscience is a microbe, which is a very small thing that you can only see if you use a microscope.
    4. My mom’s love toward me is a volcano: hot, deep, and never-ending.

  19. Deborah Kang says:

    1.When a stranger was seen outside the window, my dog started barking like an animal.
    2.Because his secret was on the reporter’s hand, he thought his life was basically going to end all at once like Tiger Woods’ had.
    3.As soon as the girl saw her father she turned pale like a white sheet of paper.
    4.The crowd was so made that they made noises like a pig on fire.

  20. Saemi Han says:

    1. Jim tried to pacify the crying child but his attempts were as bad as McDonald’s efforts to make Ronald less creepy.
    2. Joe’s face beamed like moon that has eyes, ears, a nose, and a mouth.
    3. The politician’s speech was totally unprepared making it sound as awkward as Elmo speaking in third person.
    4. The opinions of the students were totally ignored like Dora the explorer’s constant attempts to get you to stand up.
    5. When the little boy gave her a rose, the little girl blushed and flung out her arms to hug the boy like a drunk man who would wave his hand to catch a cab.

  21. Jin Oh says:

    1. I feel like a goldfish in a Goldfish baked cracker package.
    2. Life is a Skinner’s box. We might be doing too much about what the society expects us to do.
    3. My Life is an usual Korean Hook song. The same pattern keeps on going on and on.
    4. The heartbeat sounded like a bass guitar on a Live Tour stage.
    5. Her hair was like a fur of a puppy.

  22. Jin Oh says:

    Oops… change
    *5. Her hair felt like a fur of a puppy.

  23. 1. The carrot was chopped into pieces like Marie Antionette’s head.
    2. My brother swallowed his spaghetti like a voracious sparrow sucking worms in.
    3. She waited to be chosen as a member of the team, gleaming her eyes like Princess Fiona waiting for Shrek.
    4. “Don’t worry,” said the boy “soon, our love will be complete as calm comes after a storm.”

  24. Ji Hee Hwang says:

    1. I burst into the room, and the door smashed into the wall like kamikaze planes exploding on the surface of the Hawaiian sea.
    2. The tiny little wrinkles on her face was like the tiny little wave fronts on the ocean you see from the plane.
    3. The girl played the flute, and it sounded like the barks of one of those dogs who just had a vocal band surgery make with effort.
    4. The willow branches gently swinged under the spring wind like the leaves on the skirt of a Hawaiian Hula dancer, swinging with her bottom.

  25. Heeyoung Kim says:

    1. My teeth are neatly organized like kernels of corn.
    2. Whenever my mother wakes me up, she depicts me as one roaring, uncontrollably large hulk.
    3.My father finishes a noodle in an instance as he has more than thousands of beggars in his stomach.
    4.Her charming and pretty face, especially her big, deep eyes, makes her be felt like a Barbie doll.

    • Abby Kim says:

      I like the first one because it doesn’t use cliches like pearls or something. It’s very unique and funny.

  26. Eunjeong Cho says:

    1. His fashion style is like that of Mr.H, and that’s why he is the fashionista of Daewon.
    2. The paper, I mean my essay, was stuck in the copier like commuters in the subway in the morning.
    3. When he found one of his students misspeaking his name, his eyes were burning with excitement like the eyes of a hawk when it found its prey.
    4. When she took a sip of the mixture of Starbucks coffee, Hot 6, and Red bull, she felt like she’s lost in the beating of the storm of caffeine.

    • Deborah Kang says:

      I like the second one. I come to school by subway and I can’t agree more how irritating it is to be stuck.

      • I also come to school on subway and really agree with that. The image of paper being stuck and the people pushing each other into the subway matches very well.

    • Jin Oh says:

      I like the third one. This line just suddenly reminded me of a teacher from my elementary school at 3 o’ clock in the morning.

    • Saemi Han says:

      The second one is really really nice. Not only is it a great comparison, it also portrays the sense of irritability when you are stuck in the subway as well as having your essay stuck in the copier.

    • Jessica Ryu says:

      yeahhhh I love the second one! It is humorous yet vivid at the same time. I can clearly depict the essay stuck in the copier, just like the subway commuters in the morning.

  27. Mina Kim says:

    1. The students was crawling up the hill like an exhausted girl.
    2. Ttukbokki is a group of white swimmers swimming in a red pool.
    3. The teacher was grilling at me as an irritated bulldog drooling its saliva.
    4. One december day, I walked on a still-greenish-but-faded carpet along the river.

  28. Mina Kim says:

    ** student

  29. She is not eating anything, her stomach making noises like a gas.
    In the morning, the teachers voice sounds like an alien language.
    The GLPian’s sleeping during class is never ending story.
    Getting praise from parents is like a eating honey.

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