Notes for Tuesday

Ladies and gentlemen,  here are a few things to keep in mind for Tuesday’s class:

Your essays are due.  Please have them printed out and stapled before class begins.  Tuesday’s class periods will be early, so make sure you get to school early enough if you’ll need time to print.

There have been questions about a possible extension of the due date.  Since you have had the assignment for two weeks, since it is short (at least one full page), and since I would like to have them ready to give back to you at the start of our next unit there will not be an extension.

In terms of topics, as I have received many questions about them in the last 24 hours, you should all know that “scientific process” does not mean “science experiment.”  Think about the Ehrenreich, Bryson, and Dawkins readings: each followed a process in a scientific way (precisely with plenty of details).  This is your task.  Topics can be anything that follows a process (If you’re stuck, think about phrases that read “how a _______  ______s”):how a star dies, how the stomach digests lunch, how an internal combustion engine works, how your tshirt is made, etc.

Review your Idiot Errors and “Common Mistakes” handouts.  Some of you have already noticed that your grades suffered because of these errors on your last essay. Silly formatting errors (capitalization, quotations, page numbers, etc) and basic grammar errors (comma FANBOYS, semicolon use, and punctuation around quotations and citations) will result in larger and larger deductions as the year goes forward.  Fix these problems now.

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