For Tuesday, August 7

Read the excerpt from Walden Two by Skinner. This is a philosophical dialogue between two individuals in a community based off of Thoreau’s principles and the behavioralist ideas of BF Skinner. On a separate sheet of paper write down what the speakers define as the good life and explain how they pursue it.  Also write out your combined sentences into an excellent paragraph or two.  Lastly, review your most recent readings and make sure to come to class prepared with questions about what is still confusing you.

For Wednesday we will be reading both “Panopticon” and “Panopticism,” and we will be discussing how the two are related and the impacts of Foucault’s ideas. You should write a paragraph that describes what kinds of panoptic institutions you see in your own life. You should also review the philosophical dialogue prompt today and prepare two potential topics for Wednesday.


If you interested in seeing some of BF Skinner’s ideas applied to more modern issues, check out the article here.

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