For Those Still Hoping to Learn/In Need of a GLP Fix

There are a couple ways you can go about doing this:

1. Please complete any readings that you skipped or skimmed during the course. Also, check back under most of the reading tabs and you’ll find works we didn’t cover (“Shipping Out,” for instance).

2. Check out the Pre-College blog here. They covered some of the stuff you did, but there are also some exciting longer articles that are totally worth reading.

3. If you still want to think about literature, check out the following: Why Finish BooksThe Writer’s JobWhy Readers Disagree (all by Tim Parks) Your Brain on FictionFoucault and Historicism (caution: this will explode your brain), A Reader’s Manifesto (a brilliant takedown of modern fiction), Historical DiscontentsLiterary Nationalism (another Greenblatt, and typical of his writing style), PetsWrite Better (two funny readings).

4. And for those just interested in reading anything, here are a couple more: Four-Legged ReasonA BeautyParalysis of the HeartCreation MythThe Song MachineThe Silent TreatmentUnspoken TruthsReflectionsHow Did Economists Get It So WrongComing Home AgainThird Culture Kids (the last two have already been posted, I believe, but they’re so relevant to your lives that it seemed worthwhile to include them again).

5. Troll the web for good stuff. Many great publications (The New Yorker, The Atlantic, and New York Magazine are regular stops of mine) post most of their articles online free. Many of your readings this year came from my deciding that I wanted to find you guys essays on a topic and then searching. There’s great stuff out there.

6. Lastly, go get some good books out and read them. The GLP library has great stuff, but there’s even more out there. Explore!

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