For Monday, November 12

Since there is no class on Thursday, we’ll be barreling into Barthes for Monday. Please read the whole reading and prepare all the attached questions. It’s not easy, so set aside some time to work your way through it.  Additionally, we will be working on the Foucault up to the upper right-hand corner of 105 for Tuesday. If you think you might be pressed for time on Monday night, get a jump on the reading over the weekend.

Lastly, this long gap will be a great opportunity to make progress on your Oral History assignment. Do not, I repeat DO NOT wait until the last moment to try to do this. The earlier you can have the interview, the better.

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Assignment 7

I’ve put up a description of the topic for assignment 7. Please read it carefully and begin thinking now.  The assignment requires you to interview an older adult, so Wednesday afternoon and Thursday this week will offer you a great chance to meet up with someone who might live a bit farther away.

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For Monday, November 5

Read the Martin, Munroe, Hofstadter, Thomas, Moser, and Hruska readings (They’re all short, and we’ll end up discussing some of them on Tuesday).  If it has questions, please answer them. If not, read it and write a short paragraph that explains how it creates its humor and effects. Also decide if it is effective, and explain why or why not.

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For Thursday, November 1

Finish both the Culler and the Lye.  Read the Culler very carefully and do your best to take down main point of each paragraph (I’ll be checking).  Be sure that you’re clear on his goal for the first half.  Additionally, refer to this slideshow or the Lye if you’re confused. If you want to know more about semiotics, check out this page.

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For Tuesday, October 30

Read the Culler from page 294 to the end.  Also, print up the Lye and read sections I and II.  Take careful notes on the Culler (it’ll be best to have them in your journal). It helps to write down what you think is the main point of each paragraph so that you can follow the path of the argument.

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For Monday, October 29

Please finish the Eagleton and read the Propp, taking care to answer all the questions.  Additionally, print out this handout.

Then, pick a popular folk or fairytale and see how many of Propp’s 31 functions fit that story.  Briefly write out what happens in the story for each of functions you spot.

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For Thursday, October 25

Please read the Eagleton (“What is Literature”) up to the end of the first paragraph on page 10 and answer up to question 4 on this worksheet. Take the Eagleton slowly, and be sure to think carefully through his examples. Also be sure to have your essays (with revision materials attached) with you in class.

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For Tuesday, October 22

Read Chabon’s “Secret Skin.” Answer the following questions:

What is so special about capes?

Do you consider superheroes/comic books worth close analysis? Are they worthy of literary consideration?

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Past History Essays

Hi Class,

Here are some history essays from last year’s classes. Take a look and use them for inspiration.

Masayoshi Son


Heungseon Daewongun

Benedict Arnold

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For Monday, October 22

Please come to class with your essays printed out and ready to be handed in.  Also, read the Eggers chapter under the “Literature” tab and answer the questions.

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