Writing about Literature:

Eggers, A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, Chapter 1

Chabon, Secret Skin

Veestra, Greenblatt’s New Historicism

Greenblatt, Culture

Thomas, Melville


Eagleton, What is Literature?

Propp, Fairy Tale Transformations

Culler, Structuralism and Literature

Lye, Elements of Structuralism

Martin and Munroe, McSweeney’s Readings

Howey, How to Write a Rotten Poem with Almost No Effort

Hofstadter, A Person Paper

Thomas, Notes on Punctuation

Moser, This Is the Title of the Story

Hruska, Self Reference in

Barthes, Death of the Author

Foucault, What is an Author

Eggers, Should You Lie About Having Read that Book

Wallace, Consider the Lobster

Wallace, Shipping Out


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