Here are readings about Science and Nature:

Toni Bentley, The Bad Lion

Edward Hoagland, The Courage of Turtles

Wendell Berry, An Entrance to the Woods

Annie Dillard, Seeing

Thoreau, Walden

Barbara Kingsolver, Water is Life

Bill Bryson, How You Became You

Richard Dawkins, The Selfish Gene, Preface and Chapter 1, Chapter 2

Stephen Jay Gould, Panda’s Thumb

Ben Ehrenreich, The End

John Gamel, The Elegant Eyeball

Steven Pinker, My Genome, Myself

Zinsser, Chapter 10, Chapter 15

Mullins, Ups and Downs of Jetpacks

Petrunkevitch, The Spider and the Wasp

Kathleen McAuliffe, How Your Cat Is Making You Crazy


Margulis, Germs of Life

Lemonick, Let There Be Light

Pink, The Book Stops Here

Dillard, The Fixed

Muir, Steep Trails

Saukko, How to Poison the Earth

Carson, A Fable for Tomorrow


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