Society Readings:

Russell Baker, 10 Ways

Smith, Generation WhyQuestions

Gopnik, The InformationQuestions

Marche, Is Facebook Making Us Lonely

Gladwell, Small Change, Questions

Deresiewicz, Disadvantages of an Elite Education, Questions

Malcolm Gladwell, The Order of ThingsQuestions

Gatto, The Psychopathic school

Cain, The Rise of the New Groupthink

Janis, Groupthink in Washington

Lewis, Betting on the Blind Side

The Economist, Inequality in America

Kristof, Equality, a Soul Food

Porter, Inequality Undermines Democracy

Sandel, What Isn’t For Sale

Betty Friedan, Crisis in Woman’s Identity

Ethel Person, Some Differences Between Men and Women

Paglia & Jacoby, The Date Rape Debate

Schroedinger’s Rapist

Brooks, The Return of the Pig

Wolf, The Silent Treatment

Ariel Levy, Either/Or

Kay Eakin, Third Culture Kids

Stories from real life:

Parker, Story of a Suicide

Paterniti, The Suicide Catcher

Leduff, What Killed Aiyana Stanley-Jones

Optional, but recommended:

New Technology:

James Cascio, Get Smarter

Evgeny Morozov, Think Again The Internet

Joel Achenbach, Reality Check

Neil Postman, Informing Ourselves to Death

Nicholas Carr, Is Google Making Us Stupid


Alfie Kohn, The Truth About Homework

Noam Chomsky, On Schools

John Gatto, How Public Education Cripples Our Kids and Why


Paul Bloom, First Person Plural

Wendy Kaminer, The SAVE Act

Joshua Wolf Shenk, What Makes Us Happy


Kalle Lasn, Culture Jam Articles

Henry Louis Gates, Forty Acres and a Gap in Wealth

Michael Harrington, The Invisible Land


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